Designations and Titles


Designations and titles are typically awarded by membership organizations that have an established testing or training program.  We list those titles and their initial designations below.  Typically a recipient will use the initials following a comma used after their name.  

Initials Actual Title   Issuing Organization  
AHC Architectural Hardware Consultant DHI  
CAI   Certified ACE Instructor  ALOAspai  
CAL Certified Automotive Locksmith ALOAspai  
CEL Certified Electronics Locksmith   ALOAspai  
CFDI  Certified Fire Door Inspector ALOAspai  
CFL Certified Forensic Locksmith ALOAspai  
CHI Certified Hardware Installer ALOAspai
CIL Certified Institutional Locksmith  ILA  
CJIL Certified Journeyman Institutional Locksmith ILA  
CJL Certified Journeyman Locksmith PLAA 
CJS Certified Journeyman SafeCracker  NSO
CLLstate Certified Licensed Locksmith by State ALOAspai
CMIL Certified Master Institutional Locksmith  ILA  
CML Certified Master Locksmith ALOAspai  
CMAL Certified Master Automotive Locksmith ALOAspai  
CMEL Certified Master Electronics Locksmith ALOAspai  
CMKA  Certified Master Key Assistant ILA  
CMKC  Certified Master Key Consultan ILA  
CMKJ Certified Master Key Journeyman ILA  
CMKS Certified Master Key Specialist ILA  
CMS Certified Master Safecracker NSO  
CMST Certified Master Safe Technician SAVTA  
CPL Certified Professional Locksmith      ALOAspai
CPP Certified Protection Professional   ASIS
CPS Certified Professional Safe Technician SAVTA
CRL Certified Registered Locksmith   ALOAspai  
ICML Institutional Certified Master Locksmith ALOAspai  
ICPL Institutional Certified Professional Locksmith ALOAspai  
ICRL Institutional Certified Registered Locksmith ALOAspai  
RL Registered Locksmith ALOAspai  
RST Registered Safe Technician NSO  

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