valet cut
n. a precut position of an automotive key blank, usually at the tip , that causes a properly cut key to operate only the ignition and door
valet key
n. an automotive key that operates all locks except storage compartments, on a vehicle where there is also a master key to operate all locks
abb. Vehicle Anti-Theft System
VATS key
n. a key for some General Motors vehicles which contains a resistor chip that must be qualified by the vehicle in order to run
VATS interrogator
n. a device which determines the resistor value required to complete the ignition circuit. It also reads the value of the resistor in a VATS key.
n. a secure room in which objects of value are stored
abb. vertical down
Vehicle Anti-Theft System
n. an electronic system in some General Motors vehicles which uses a resistor pellet of varying value imbedded in a mechanical ignition key
vertical down
adj. of or pertaining to a mounting orientation of a safe or vault lock such that the bolt projects downward
vertical group master key
n. the two-pin master key for all combinations listed in all blocks in a line down a page in the standard progression format
vertical rod exit device
n. an exit device with bolts typically at the top and bottom of a door connected to a central mechanism by rods
vertical up
adj. of or pertaining to a mounting orientation of a safe or vault lock such that the bolt projects upward
abb. vertical group master key
virtual keyway
n. a secondary locking mechanism combination used as a method of discriminating between suppliers for key control
vise arm
n. the movable jaw of a key machine vise
vise nut
n. a nut, with an external design to facilitate use without tools, that works in conjunction with the vise stud to tighten the vise on a key machine
vise stud
n. a threaded post mounted to the carriage of a key machine to provide a means of tightening the vise
visual key control
n. a specification that all keys and the visible portion of the front of all lock cylinders be stamped with standard keying symbols
abb. visual key control
abb. vertical up


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