wafer tumbler
n. 1. a flat tumbler which must be drawn into the cylinder plug by the proper key so that none of its extremities extends into the shell 2. a flat, usually rectangular tumbler with a gate which must be aligned with a sidebar by the proper key
walk-in vault
n. a vault with a man door and open floor space inside
wall safe
n. a safe installed in a wall so that only the door and a frame is visible 
n. a usually stationary obstruction in a lock or cylinder which prevents the entry and/or operation of an incorrect key
ward cut
n. a modification of a key which allows it to bypass a ward
adj. having one or more wards
warded key
n. a key with ward cuts only, typically a bit key, flat steel key or corrugated key
Warnock Hersey
n. an independent testing laboratory
wheel lock
n. 1. a lock which prevents rotation of a wheel, 2. a lock which prevents removal of a wheel
wheel pack
n. an assembly of combination wheels
wheel puller
n. a tool used to remove the steering wheel from a column
wide stile
adj. pertaining to aluminum and hollow metal or wood doors with stiles 5 inches wide or larger
window bug
n. an alarm system component designed to detect breaking glass
wipe tool
n. 1. a device used to decode lever lock combinations by an arc contact with the configured lever/belly characteristic shape, 2. a tool for cleaning the hidden part of an automotive window to facilitate viewing of linkage
witness mark
n. the change in the surface finish of metal resulting from pressure contact, as in impressioning
working trim
n. lock or exit device trim which activates a mechanism


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